Carboxy Therapy

Carboxytherapy, or Carbon Dioxide Therapy (CDT), has been around since the 1930s when it was noted that people bathing in carbon dioxide rich waters in French spas experienced faster wound healing, especially with chronic skin ulcers.

In the 1950s it was used by cardiologists to treat arterial disease and other conditions caused by poor circulation.

The term carboxytherapy was introduced in the mid-90s when it started being used for skin rejuvenation treatments and break down of localized fat deposits.

Studies have shown that carboxytherapy can help stimulate collagen, improve circulation, skin elasticity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also destroy localized fatty deposits.

The treatment is administered by injection via a 30-33 gauge needle and is relatively painless. Most devices are a medical grade carbon dioxide cylinder hooked up to a machine that allows treatment parameters to be set.

Treatment summary

Procedure time
15 - 30mins
Final results
4+ weeks
No. of treatments
Min 6
Recovery time
Duration of results
12 months
Discomfort level
Cost from

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Why Carboxy Therapy?

Carboxytherapy is safe and has very few side effects apart from redness and possibly bruising. Carbon Dioxide is dissolved rapidly in the blood amd eliminated via the lungs.

When Carbon Dioxide is injected into tissues it fools the body into thinking there is a lack of oxygen in that area. As a result there is an increased flow of blood to that area, new blood vessel formation and a release of tissue growth factors to initiate a healing response.

Over a few sessions there is an increase in flow of oxygenated blood in the area and more collagen production.

This makes carboxytherapy particularly suitable for stretch marks, dark circles around the eyes, cellulite and skin rejuvenation in general.

Before and after Carboxy Therapy

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