Cellulite Treatment in Bolton, Manchester

Cellulite treatment is an aesthetic procedure that removes cellulite, a lumpy layer of skin that typically appears on the thighs, hips and buttocks. Our Bolton clinic offers high-quality cellulite treatment to reduce the visibility of your cellulite, helping to create a better appearance that you can be proud of.

What is Cellulite Treatment?

Cellulite is a chronic degenerative process in the subcutaneous fat layer that alters the skin’s texture.

Cellulite affects 85-90% of women over the age of 20, and it is often genetic and gets worse with age. The main characteristics of cellulite are widespread deep dimples and orange peel skin.

The Two Stages of Cellulite Treatment

Stage 1 Injecting Aqualyx for Cellulite Breakdown

Stage 1

The first stage breaks down the fat by injecting Aqualyx.

Stage 2

The second stage uses the Cellurase blade to break down connective tissue strands.

With you in the standing position, we mark the dimples and then lie you down to inject a local anaesthetic under the areas to be treated. A tiny blade will be inserted and moved around to divide the connective tissue strands that cause the dimples and orange peel appearance.

Our Bolton skin clinic offers cellulite treatment to clients throughout Manchester.

Treatment summary

Procedure time
30 - 60 mins
No. of treatments
1 - 3
Recovery time
2 - 8 weeks
Discomfort level
Mild to moderate
Duration of results
Variable depending
Final results
3 months
Cost from

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Risks of Cellulite Treatment

  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Scabs/blisters

  • Altered sensation
  • Allergic reaction to local anaesthetic
  • Unsatisfactory results

  • Recurrence
  • Seromas/nodules
  • Discolouration

All of the above risks are temporary or treatable.

Interested in visiting our Boltin clinic in Manchester for cellulite treatment? Get in touch to enquire.

The Locations Where We Can Provide Cellulite Treatment

We can offer cellulite treatment to anyone, regardless of your location, gender or if you've had previous procedures at another clinic. Our practitioners would be delighted to welcome you to our Bolton skin clinic in Greater Manchester, and we have experience working with clients who come to us from all over the country.

We are at 353 Park Road, Westhoughton, Bolton, BL5 EHU. If driving, enter the postcode into your navigation system, and you won't have trouble locating us. Ample parking is available for our clients. Our clinic couldn't be better placed to help you with cellulite removal! With the M61 motorway minutes away, a local train station within 1 mile, and several buses serving stops on the surrounding roads, we're ready to welcome you for safe, quick and high-quality procedures.

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