Lash Enhancement

The best way to frame the eyes is by opting for lash enhancement Permanent make-up.

Lash Line Enhancement is thinner than an eyeliner and is subtle and natural.

Enhancing the lashes in this way adds instant noticeable definition and can help a person to look much more vibrant and youthful. This technique creates the illusion of thicker, darker and completely full lashes whilst also creating a natural, eye opening effect.

Semi Permanent Make-Up is ideal for anyone who suffers from cosmetic make-up allergies, has problems with their eye sight or has a schedule too busy for the application of make up.

Whilst the thought of a needle going anywhere near the eye sounds less than pleasant, the area is completely numbed first, the needle is super fine, and the results are truly worthwhile.

Lash enhancement can be applied to the upper and lower lash line.

Treatment summary

No. of treatments
Recovery time
None - a few days
Final results
8 weeks
Procedure time
90 minutes
Duration of results
1 - 3 years
Discomfort level
Cost from

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