Skin care is a perfect example of how bridging the gap between beauty and aesthetics is of paramount importance. All the intervention in the world will not enhance features or generate the desired results if the skin has an aged appearance or lack lustre.

We have previously stated that in the aging face, factors such as volume loss, fat redistribution and changes in muscle tone can be compensated for with dermal filler and botulinum toxin injections.

However, the results of these interventions will always be sub optimal if we don’t deal with the visual changes of skin aging.

•   Texture
•   Loss of elasticity
•   Vascular & pigmented lesions
•   Rhytides (lines and wrinkles)
•   Change in skin colour

These occur as a result of decreasing production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The skin is further challenged by oxidative stress from Ultraviolet radiation and other environmental factors. Lifestyle behaviours, most notably smoking and sun damage, take their toll on the skin. On top of all this, decreasing blood flow, new vessel formation and altered pigmentation contribute to the way our skin looks with increasing age.

The treatments below offer solutions to combat all of the above as well as deal with more specific skin concerns;

•   Acne
•   Pigmentation
•   Scarring
•   Skin Lesions aka Skin Tags, Seborrheic warts etc

Benign Skin Lesions
Carboxy Therapy

Dermalux™ LED Phototherapy



Medical Microneedling

Medik8 Facials


Obagi Medical
Perfect Peel

Plasma Pen
Skin Rejuvenation


ZO Skin Clinic

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