Removal of benign skin lesions

Warts, verrucae, spider naevi, seborrheic keratoses (or seborrheic warts) and skin tags are just some of the skin lesions that are considered cosmetic and are unlikely to be removed on the NHS. Once correctly diagnosed, these can be removed by either Cryotherapy or Electrosurgery.

Cryotherapy freezes the skin lesion with liquid nitrogen using a cryopen. This only stings a little and the frozen lesion will blister and fall off in a few days.

Electrosurgery uses an electronic radiofrequency or plasma device to create a superficial burn which heals with hardly a mark. Local anaesthesia will be injected for these procedures.

Suspicious lesions e.g. rodent ulcers or changing pigmented lesions will be referred back to your GP.

Treatment summary

Procedure time
30 mins
Final results
4 - 8 weeks
No. of treatments
Recovery time
1 - 2 weeks
Duration of results
Discomfort level
Cost from

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Before and after treatment for benign skin lesions

before treatment for skin lesion

Immediately after


More before and after treatment for benign skin lesions.

before treatment for skin lesion

after treatment for skin lesion

before treatment for skin lesion

after treatment for skin lesion

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