Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

Dr Fab is a leading UK trainer in the Silhoutte Soft Thread Lift, he uses all the latest protocols and is constantly at the top of his game in the art of thread lifting. With the use of at least 10 threads and constantly evolving pattern techniques – you can rest assured you are in the best possible hands. All of the above allows for the best possible results to be achieved than ever before.

Treatment summary

No. of treatments
Recovery time
1 - 2 weeks
Final results
Up to 3 months
Procedure time
60 - 90 minutes
Duration of results
12 - 18 months
Discomfort level
Cost from

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What is a thread lift?

Thread lifts are another non surgical treatment option to lift sagging tissues in the face. They can be used to treat sagging in the neck and jawline, lift the eyebrows and create to volume over the cheekbones.

Why Silhouette Soft?

At Enhance we choose to use the Silhouette Soft threads, as these consist of bi-directional cones tied onto an absorbable suture.
The cones and the thread are gradually absorbed by the body in approximately 1 year. The results of treatment can last much longer due to new collagen production along the threads.

The threads are inserted in the direction of the required tissue movement under local anaesthetic. The entry and exit points of the thread are numbed and there are no incisions made, just needle holes.

Down time is surprisingly little, there may be bruising and swelling and sometimes there can be a temporary dimpling and puckering of the skin, and this subsides within a few days.

Thread Lifting with Silhouette Soft Before and After



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