A Fresh Approach to Facial Aesthetic Design

Most people seeking our advice express concerns over individual lines, folds or blemishes. These are based on what the individual perceives when they look in a mirror, often with lighting and magnification.

While these are important for us to note, it is worth considering what we actually look for when we decide whether someone looks well, attractive, youthful etc.

When we look at a face we respond to curves and outlines, volume, light and shadow. Loss of volume, with loss of the arcs and contours of the face and hollows make us appear old and tired.

There are 4 key stages to facial aging

  1. Bone loss in the skull/facial skeleton
  2. Redistribution of fat in the facial fat pads
  3. Muscle response to volume loss
  4. All the changes associated with skin aging

As we age a lot of bone is lost from the skull.

The eye sockets open out, the nose aperture opens wider, we lose bone off the jaw and maxilla (under the eyes).

The mid face fat pads shrink and the jowl fat can grow.

The end result of all these changes is for the youthful arcs and contours of the face to be replaced by hollows (especially temples and cheeks). Tissues sag due to loss of support (jowls) and muscles tighten. An example of this is in the chin where the mouth corners get pulled down and the chin rolls up and takes on a pebbly appearance.

A youthful face is in proportion vertically and horizontally and is oval or heart shaped.

With age these proportions are distorted and the shape of the face squares off.

Bone loss can be compensated for with volume fillers

Fat redistribution can be compensated for with fillers and Aqualyx.

Muscle reaction is compensated for by volume restoration and botulinum toxin.

Skin ageing can be addressed in a number of ways described elsewhere on this site.

When we address all four aspects of the ageing face the most impressive results are seen.

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